Irving eye surgery

Irving Eye Surgery

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Cataracts surgery in Irving

Irving eye surgery
Irving eye surgery

Safe, effective cataracts surgery might be exactly what you need to restore your vision to the degree that you used to have. And we mean before you were ever diagnosed with the disease to begin with. At the office of Robert Eisenberg MD, we are pleased to provide the treatments that result in outcomes that are optimal.

Our Irving eye surgery is not for all cataracts patients. If you are still seeing well with your prescription eyeglasses or contacts, then the time is not yet right to take that step. For most patients, as they go through various updates to the lenses that are designed to counteract the effects of cataracts, there is a stage where eventually they will no longer be effective. Cataracts is a progressive condition, in which protein deposits grow on the outside of your eyes’ natural lenses. They increase in both quantity and size, until the blurriness and cloudiness they create interferes with your vision beyond the ability of corrective eyewear to manage. Our Irving eye surgery is based on the removal of your eye lenses, because it is not possible to separate the cataracts from the lens surfaces. Without the obstacles to your vision, clarity will be restored. But since you depend on your lenses to focus, it is necessary to replace that function. The answer is intraocular lens implants (IOLs). These prosthetic lenses provide multifocal vision, so you will be able to be free of the effects of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Without eyeglasses or contacts, you will have vision that you could have only dreamed of before. Go back to doing all of the things you want to, from work to leisure.

Come in for an examination and consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for ourĀ Irving eye surgery.

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